Saturday, February 6, 2016

A Tribute to Jenna H.

I once had a tradition of writing Jenna poems when she would go on dates. (I'm not going to link them to this post because who knows who would find that old blog and YIKES).

This one's for you, GP:

There once was a girl named Jenna H.
Quite the friend to have, was she.
She traveled all over the Eastern states,
And many a site she did see.

With a degree under her belt and a resume to boot,
She landed herself the dream job.
Great roommates galore, and her ward was a hoot,
There was nothing about which she could sob!

Until one day, God whispered in her ear,
And she realized where she should be.
It was quite hard, and she shed a tear,
But back to Utah she did flee.

Confused and alone and physiological...
She dreamt of her DC days.
Her return to Utah did not seem logical,
And she missed her job that pays!

Slowly but surely her life turned around,
And many great friends she did make.
Her pre-reqs went well, her spirit was sound,
Many leaps of faiths she did take.

With blessings poured down, and love in her heart,
She wondered what would be next.
Would she get into school, would this be her new start?
Or would it just be another test!

But with all of these things only time would tell,
So she decided to just do her best.
Then one wintry day, that was going quite swell,
She received a nice little text.

"What splendor, Jenna H. I've got news for you!
My wonderful friend is here.
He is quite attractive, with eyes so blue,
And for years he's been a great peer."

"But what could this mean?" Jenna thought in her mind,
"A date with a stranger again?
Well I guess I'll go, he could be a good find,
After all, he's a friend of a friend."

The fateful day came, David knocked on her door.
She wondered, "How will it be?"
But when their eyes did meet, their hearts did soar,
And all her worries did cease.

She saw then and there how her life would pan out,
How things past had led her to this.
Eleven months later, with joy they would shout,
For as husband and wife they would kiss.

But it didn't stop there, for that's never the end,
There is life after the wedding day!
They traveled to Syria, Greece and Japan,
Much good did they do and say.

Seven children they had, all with character and brains,
And desires for the good of the earth.
David and Jenna and their kids relieved many pains,
And helped everyone see their great worth.

Life can be hard, you might say, "Poor me,"
But don't you forget one thing:
From their example it is clear to see,
What good two people can bring.

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