Saturday, June 15, 2013

Things just kept going up!

My oh my, things have changed since last Saturday.

Let's start with the whatevskis stuff and then end on a spiritual note.

My district is so awesome. The MTC is a weird little culture thing. It's like EFY, but way harder and way better. We have many a good laugh and many a good spiritual enlightening conversation. I love them.  We like to take quotes from PMG (Preach My Gospel) out of context and write them on the white board in our class room for inspiration. Por ejemplo:

"Rarely, if ever, should you talk to people or teach them..."
" devastated!... This is eternal life..."
" deal with the problems..."
"Seek not to declare my word..."
Haaa we are so funny.  P.S. Ten points if you can find those quotes in PMG.
Hermana Lagrosa and I have decided that the moment we become companions will be the moment they change the Lubbock Texas mission to have the Sisters speaking Spanish.  (I'm sure you are all super shocked about this, but I have been converting this district to Spanglish speaking. It's awesome).
Here's a quick shout out to my Grandma Webb, mi hermanita Meckenz, mi amiga Natalie, and my mother. Thank you for sending me some birthday love. I truly loved it. My companion took pics of me opening my things to my delight so I will show you my exact face when I opened them. Don't worry.

On to the spiritual...
As you may have noticed from the last post, last week was a tad (more like a LOT) rough.  But from Saturday night on, things just kept going up!
On Sunday morning, I was sitting there in Relief Society, and we were singing A Child's Prayer, and I was just so filled with the Spirit. I pictured myself at home, and guess what. It was not right. It was like, ew. And I was shocked! But it was just another confirmation that this really is where I am supposed to be. Also, I have such a stronger testimony in the power of this call. The Lord really has called me to be His representative, and with that, he endows me with power to do his work.  It's real! I have actually really felt it.

Remember how I was having such a struggle with faith?  Well, don't worry, I still am. I'm always being humbled and reminded that I MUST always always always rely on Him. But here's the good news. With his help, I have been able to strengthen my faith so so much this week. We watched a talk on Sunday night that Elder Bednar gave to the MTC a few years ago about the Spirit and faith and things and it was so inspiring! I can do it!  I also read the talk Elder Holland gave  last conference. If you have not read that recently, DO IT NOW. Wow. 

I know this is the Lord's work. That is one thing Elder Bednar said. He was like, "Do you really think the Lord is going to depend on YOU and other random humans to do the work?" (He didn't use those words)... No!! Of  course not! He's been working with imperfect humans his whole life (as Holland said) so stop fretting. Just rely on Him. This is his work, and you are called to do it. He will help you.

That's what I have been learning.
Oh there is so so so much more, I will never be able to express it all.

I love you all so much.
And I love the Book or Mormon. So go read that as well.
AND I love being called Sister Plante.  Best thing ever. I think I'll keep it.
Well. Adieu until next week or so. Guess what. 2 days til Texas! What!

Love, Sister Brittan E Plante

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  1. Don't buy yourself a cowgirl hat, I have one I'll give you when you get home, I bought it last January in Arizona.